Visual recording

Visual recording is also called graphical facilitation. It captures on a graphical supports the ideas  coming from a conference, a brainstorming session and can replace meetings notes.

If the graphic recording can be performed by artists, you don’t need to be an artist to create one. Many books are offering to develop your graphical recording skills. These books offer to elaborate a personal gallery of graphic icons to use during the visual recording sessions. Pikablo is a good source of inspiration.

The graphic recording is popular in conferences. It allows to keep a record of the presentation in an entertaining way. It extends the user experience.

The following capture is part of a visual recording during an Agile conference organised by Agile Consortium in Brussels in February 2018.

In the video captured during the event you can see that the visual performance is captured during the speech. The visual recording can be prepared when the slides of the event are available in advance or with a interview of the speaker. The live performance remains a key element.  It creates a visual attention which keeps the audience focus on the speech.

Visual recording can also be used to record notes of meetings. Visual notes  deliver a stronger impact. Visual record of an event will help people with a visual memory to better remember the elements of the discussion.

The graphical facilitation is also a good media to attract the attention of a group of people in a workshop or in a brainstorming session.

Visual recording and graphic facilitation is a tool which becomes popular. It is creating a new communication channel to convey a message and create a visual  impact.

You can start learning by replacing you meeting doodles by visual recording dooldes. You will certainly discover that on top of delivering to you notes which are easier to digest, it also greatly increase your own attention during meeting.

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