A great collaborative experience on 7th Dec 2018

A collaborative experience

On Friday 7th December 2018, PeopleBlendIT organized a collaborative workshop. During the workshop, the guests discovered the board game “Kitchen Rush”.

Each player has 2 hour glasses to perform actions

Each player has 2 house glass token available to execute actions. Before the sand of the token is expired, the player can’t use it for a new action. This creates a sense of the time running. Being pressed by the time the players need to support each other to unlock their next move while the sand flows. The time is counted for each round of service. 4 minutes to serve as much customer meal orders as possible. The team has to pay attention not to take any order which will not be compleated.

Running the game

Between each round, the players elaborate strategies to increase the number of dishes served. During the first round, you can observe that players are focusing on delivering by themselves and are not helping each other so much, resulting in orders which are not delivered. Moving on with additional rounds, new ways of working are appearing. Strategies like having a Kitchen chef, somebody specialised in providing supply have demonstrated good results.

The evening was not only fake food, Aurore, the cook of Alliance Merode offered to the players her famous Korean vegan meal: ” Bibimbap”. The guest of PeopleBlendIT also enjoyed a nice selection of beers curated by the owners of the place. The dinner was also a great occasion for networking.

During the second game, the two tables started a competition to get as many Michelin stars as possible. Each was running a different restaurant. Between the two games, they confronted their strategies to select the most successful one, and elaborated even more advanced strategies before starting the second game. The players experienced the power of retrospectives of AGILE project management.

The players voted for the best team player

The workshop was organised in collaboration with Geek Attitude Games (GAG). In the end of the second game, the players voted for the best team player. GAG offered some gift for the best team player.

The best team player received the game “Pocket Ops” and an extension for Kitchen Rush, both edited by Geek Attitude Games.

GAG also edits Dicium, a box containing four games based on the same core mechaniscs. It might be one of the next game experience offered by PeopleBlendIT during a workshop.

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