Change your day to drive your company toward a better Change

Reading twitter on a cold cloudy Sunday morning, I got an interesting combination of 2 articles proposed next to each other. The first one from Management 3.0 (M3.0) urges to connect with yourself not to let daily impediments to ruin your day. The second from
Harvard Business Review (HBR) proposes to use emotional intelligence to build a posture facing pivotal changes in your company.

The HBR article speaks about a long term attitude toward change and using self-introspection to drive this attitude. It proposes to be an actor of the change instead of letting fear and other negative emotions make you become an impediment of the change.

The podcast of M3.0 evokes a daily stance to avoid petty issues to ruin our day at work.
Jamie Lerner forces you to consider that ” … You wouldn’t speak to others like you speak to yourself ! …”. But we do, I have to admit that I did, and I will still do. As a coach I have a chance to see the facts, and to build self-introspection but it’s not an easy task and there are days where you get back to bad habits, I’m forced to admit it.

Being able to coach yourself to build daily internal emotional driver and at the same time to keep an eye on the road of company big changes seems to be a tough challenge. Having a friendly reminder from a coach or from the reading of an article must be helpful on the way. You can’t have a coach at hand every day, you need to be your own coach at least from time to time. I hope this article can help in these moments.

I am interested reading your comments.

Heading Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

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