Agility for Human Resources

I worked as an employee in very small structures, in international companies, as a consultant for a long-running mission during which I totally lost contact with my employer, as a freelance, as a team leader, as program manager. One element is common to each of these experience, at the maximum I had contact once per year with the Human Resources department of the company which hired me. I never found that convenient, neither useful nor productive.

When I had to manage people, my empathy was telling me that we, as a team had to find a way to be inclusive, caring and understanding of each other. Using my best practices with Agile I discovered that we had a way to build continuous improvement together.

MeWe cards in action

It started with replacing the annual appraisal interview with a continuous feedback loop. We also had to understand each other and improve our communication efficiency, we used some tools like DOPE to explain the basics. Later I discovered MeWe serious game to explain DOPE in a playful way. MeWe cards can be combined with Moving Motivator cards from Management 3.0, allowing to associate the personality and the motivational aspect.


When our team or department was too big we had to visualise the skills and interests for personal growth. We used a team skill map based on the radar view.

All the changes we identified as important to explore on the radar had to be tested and adapted, naturally, an iterative approach came to our mind.

All these practices are gathered on the Agility for HR poster:

  • Recruitment KanBan
  • MeWe cards and Moving motivators
  • MeWheels skill radars
  • HR development with PopCorn Flow

I am very interested in getting your comments if you have applied some of these solutions.
I am proposing this vision of Agile HR in Meetups. A Workshop of 2 hours can only offer an overview, feel free to contact me for a longer workshop.

Poster of Agility for Human Resources