Business dashboards

Why “Business dashboards” and not “Business intelligence”? In my experience, the intelligence doesn’t come from the dashboard but from the dialogue that you engage with business experts, in elaborating the scenarios that would make sense; finding new answers to challenges that recurrently encounter.

I recently managed a project based on Qlik Server to create reporting dashboards. Project officers were continuously consolidating several sources of data in Excel. The process was tedious and time-consuming. It was distracting them from performing tasks that add value: scrutinizing the figures and monitoring business activities.

Qlik server business reporting
Business reporting view created with Qlik Server

The dashboard allowed them to replace the manual consolidation with an automatic process linking several data sources based on the criteria they were inserting manually.

Users on a map
Yellow pages created with Qlik server

Once this tedious manual consolidation was no longer needed, it was possible to engage in a dialogue on the new connections that were established between the data. From one predefined set of manually applied rules, we could start building many business views.

Engaging this dialogue allowed to open many paths investigating on how the business is run.

There lies the intelligence: in the dialogue to create new ways connecting the dots.