Toyota: a success story for PeopleBlendIT

“We asked Jord from PeopleBlendIT to support our company at a very crucial time in our company development. At the time our business was rapidly growing and we needed to quickly enhance and standardise our project management activity. We presented Jord with 3 key challenges: How to improve the communication and standardisation across our project team members, how to boost our project managers capability and how to consolidate our project information into a single dashboard. I can say that this was a very challenging task considering the varied skill sets of our members, the different approaches to Project Management within our organisation and the diversity of our activities. Jord tackled this challenge with a huge amount of enthusiasm and pragmatism. Within the course of his mission Jord quickly identified where improvements needed to happen and how to implement changes that were complementary to the organisation. His starting point was to focus on quick wins to drive immediate results and build confidence from the team while maintaining a keen eye on the end target. Furthermore, as part of Jord’s activity with us he worked both on group workshops and individual member training jumping back and forth to ensure that there was a consensus among all stakeholders. The workshops and trainings focused on topics such as how to negotiate with suppliers and customers, how to gather requirements and manage expectations, project management best practices and more. Each module delivered with a strong consideration of the particular audience and desired objective. The result is that we have noticed a significant improvement in our project delivery and communication We look forward to working with Jord in the near future considering the positive experience we have had so far.”

Salim Aridi – General Manager at TTNI-E (Toyota IT Company- Belgium)

Negocards workshop 10th Oct 2018 in Brussels, Belgium


Acquire negotiation skills by playing an #OpenSeriousGame

Map to access l’Alliance Merode cafe –

When: Wednesday 10th October 6 pm: Welcoming dinner
7.30 -10 pm: Workshop

Where: Brussels, Alliance mérode cafe, rue de la gare 44, 1040 Brussels

Registration: Free, contact  to register.

Negocards workshop card game

The fundamentals of the negocards:
• Nobody is a born negotiator
• Negotiation is a skill that can be learned
• The negocards serious game allows learning by playing with negotiation best practices.
• Based on cards, best practice reference cards and role-playing session, attendees are learning by practising

The game material is available free of copyright to foster dissemination of knowledge. We recommend people willing to attend the workshop not to read the three last pages presenting the scenarii of the roleplay.