Communication strategy based on personality styles

As a consultant I worked for many companies, I visited many customers. After the first icebreakers I often started to hear “In this team, we have a communication problem”. Even if you leave aside potential source of difficulties as teams which are working remotely or cultural differences, human nature is prone to create communication gaps.

The disc model

Even with a lot of good will it is not an easy task to close the gap separating birds of different feather. Human brain is made to push people to gather with people of the same kind. Our mirror cells are inviting us to mimick behaviour and to be confortable with people similar to us. But you can not lead a ship with only captains or sailors. You need diversity to manage a successful endeavour and companies need people of different talent. How to prevent these difference in personalities to impair your communication.

The first step is to recognise the differences and to adapt to the style of communication of the person you are interacting with. Amongst many frameworks, the simplest I found to help people understand the model of communciation is the DISC model. The leadership wheel and the 4 quadrant model are two similar useful variations. The concept is similar: people belong to one of the 4 groups. Each group has its own motivators and its own ways of communicating.

I am using these models since 15 years with great benefits. I recently discover a serious card game allowing to introduce the model in a short amount of time and in a fun way. On Friday 1st March, I organise a workshop in Brussels at Alliance Merode to introduce the model and the serious game to new people.

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