Lego Serious Play

Introduce yourself with Lego Serious Play Icebreaker

LSP starting tower, specialised for a specific business

When starting a Lego Serious Play (LSP) workshop, it’s good that the players begin manipulating the bricks to get familiar with them; Ask them to build a tower with the blocks. After they explained their original intention, they can specialise the tower to reflect their personality, hobby or profession.


AI Ethics with LSP

Life is full of a complex problem that people think nobody can solve because they are too much endemic or systemic. Lego Serious Play proposes to bust this myth.

Choose a complex topic like AI Ethics and ask each participant to build a model which describes some of its characteristics and then add models which picture the associated problems. After each participant described its models, it’s time to build the same collaboratively.

AI Ethics problems

In a short amount of time participant collaborate to hack life problem in a playful way with Lego Serious Play.

The problem statement is only the beginning, the last phase is the proposal of solutions based on each problem stated. Once again there is an individual phase, followed by a collaborative phase.