Implementation plan

A Project  of its own

Bringing changes to your company, department or team is a project in itself. As any project it requires a number of controls to guaranty it’s success, on time and on budget, delivering the expectations and guarantying new outcomes.


Once you have defined your timeline and identified the sponsors, you will create the review board with stake holders.

The board will define the budget and will draft the transformation strategy along with the identification of the key indicators of the success of the enterprise.

The implementation  plan will flow from these first decisions.

A communication plan will also come in handy.

An external point of view

An advisor coming from outside of your organisation will notice the routine problems which are too common for you to spot them. Some messages are better delivered by an external consultant.

Avoid common pitfall, ensure a fluid communication around the achievements and  propose best practices are some of the missions of the consultant who will help you in a fresh new start.

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