Negocards workshop, an #openseriousgame

This workshop proposes to learn the basics of the art of negotiation using an  #openseriousgame.  As a serious game, it delivers professional benefits using a game that allows attendees to learn by playing.

The workshop is based on a few key principles:

  • Nobody is a born negotiator
  • Negotiation is a skill that can be learned
  • The workshop aims at learning the basics of the art of negotiation using a game published in an open public license
  • The learning process of the workshop involves role-playing, a deck of cards illustrating the negotiation technics and reference cards for the evaluations during the game and later as reminders.

The open serious game philosophy promotes:

  • Co-hosting and sharing the animation of the workshop with the participants of the workshop.
  • The adoption of the game by new organisators.
  • The creation of new games by seasoned game organisators to feed the community.

The #openseriousgame events are free and their material is designed for fostering dissemination

#openseriousgame workshops are promoting the participation of the participants in becoming organisators of events. Read the manifesto to learn more: