Visual recording

The visual recording is also called graphical facilitation. It captures on a graphical supports the ideas coming from a conference, a brainstorming session and can replace meetings notes.

If the graphic recording can be performed by artists, you don’t need to be an artist to create one. Many books are offering to develop your graphical recording skills. These books offer to elaborate on a personal gallery of graphic icons to use during the visual recording sessions. Bikablo is a good source of inspiration. I used the graphic recording for instance to illustrate workshops. I replace PowerPoint slides by posters. In the article about “Agile for Human Resources“, I used this technique to create the posters.

The graphic recording is popular in conferences. It allows keeping a record of the presentation in an entertaining way. It extends the user experience. The following captures were done a conference in Vienna “Product Development and Innovation Summit”, organised by Qepler in Vienne in October 2019. For 2 days, each conference speaker intervention was captured lived and posted on the wall immediately after the speeches.

2 days of live visual recording during a conference

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