Our values

PeolpleBlendIT blends your best IT team members capabilities into your projects.


PeopleBlendIT assists its clients with project management and AGILE coaching.

We assist our customers with workshops helping to develop team collaboration, team dynamics. We use serious games to facilitate learning acquisition.

PeopleBlendIT supports its customer’s organisation transformation and HR development.

Graphic recording during a conference

We can help you in your own workshop facilitation using visual facilitation and graphic recording. Graphic recording can illustrate your next conference with additional visual memory reminders. It engages with the audience using an additional media channel during a speech. During workshops, graphic recording allows fostering creativity and ideation process.

Watercolor by Jord de Rengervé РDraftarts

Jord de Rengervé is a visual artist in several field drawing, painting, photo and digital arts. His art pieces are visible on Instagram