Serious games

To enter into a game is to enter another kind of space where the rules of ordinary life are temporarily suspended and replaced with the rules of the game. … .This agreement amongst other players to suspend reality creates a safe place…” abstract from the book Gamesorming by Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and James Macanufo

A serious game to animate a workshop to define human drivers 

A game is a safe place to try new experiments and take risks with consequences limited to the time boundaries of the game. 

Moving motivators is an excellent example of how a tiny game, a ten cards deck, can foster team spirit. 

Serious games are used to animate workshop, facilitate a brainstorming or as tools in a coaching activity.

MeWe serious game

Since communication is probably the most common issue in companies, what about learning best practices and acquire tools to support it by playing the MeWe serious game?

Lego Serious play

Workshop facilitation works best with serious games, we can reconnect with our child brain, a limitless area of creativity into which Lego Serious Play taps solutions for the most complex problems

PeopleBlendIT proposes #openseriousgame Negocards workshops following the #openseriousgame values fostering dissemination of game practice to increase teh community of teachers.

Negocards, an #openseriousgame